Too Much Time to Save

I have a problem that most writers would probably pay decent money for – I have way too much time on my hands. There’s a sad reason for this, but it’s a reason, not an excuse, and it isn’t related to writing. Or to not writing, as the case sometimes is. 

Here’s a theory that will make you want to shoot me down like the dirty dog that I am if you are a busy writer: if I had very little time on my hands, I might be a more productive writer. (See? Told you you’d want to shoot me.) 

I get up on such mornings, and think, here I am with the whole long day before me! Plenty of time to write. So I can linger over my french press, and THEN start writing. Invariably, the lingering is longer than I meant it to be, and now it’s time to take my pal Dancer for a walk. 

Once I’m walking, well look how happy I’m making the pup, and she asks so little of life after all, how can I take her inside yet? 

And then when we do finally go home, I need some iced tea and a cooling off period because we live in the oven that some joker decided to call Arizona, rather than offering a person a bit of advance warning by calling it something like, say, ‘Inferno.’ 

And then it is important that I read my friend Forrester’s blog (which is on my minimalist blogroll, check it out, this woman writes well. Joseph Stem is my favorite of her works.) 

And as long as I’m online, then it’s probably important to keep up on my reading, so I must check out Publisher’s Lunch and other industry rags, and I swear to myself that THIS TIME, I am not going to heed the tramp of the boot-shod feet of The Revolution, whose members stridently proclaim that books as we know them are dying, no longer wanted, irrelevant. Then I’m bummed anyhow. And so the long day wears on.

If I had less time, I might get straight to the writing. It sounds like a good New Year’s resolution, doesn’t it? I’m starting my new year tomorrow. All I have to do is make sure it’s your standard Earth year, and not one of those conveniently foreshortened ones like ‘Planet b’ in the Pegasi 51 system, which is only 4.2 Earth days long. Hey, don’t blame me, I didn’t name that poor little planet. 


~ by Leigh on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “Too Much Time to Save”

  1. Too much time, huh?

    I can see the logic in your argument 🙂 Sounds like you need a writing schedule :D. I’ve had to give myself one of those, plus all them weekly goals i yabber about continually on my blog, otherwise i’m not sure i would write a whole lot either.

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